Our swimming pool

Enjoy the comfort of your campsite's (unheated) swimming pool. Designed as an intimate space, lined with fences, plants and rocks, take a seat on one of the sun loungers provided. It's the perfect place to take a dip or relax with a book in the sun. Your pool area is equipped with a whirlpool bath so you can share a special moment with family and friends.

Activities around the pool
(July & August)

Reception bar-snack


Aquagym is an excellent way of combining the relaxation and fun of the pool with the benefits of a sporting activity. Whether you're a keen sportsman or not, it's an activity that everyone can enjoy, so what are you waiting for? Sensations and results guaranteed!
Reception bar-snack

Water games

Very popular with children, even more so in hot weather, these games are a great way to get together and share some great moments and create some nice surprises as you get to know each other. Different games every day. Here are some examples:
• Ring game
• Spoon game
• Hoop game
• etc...

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